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Insurance Resources


State Farm 

  • Concerns about your health & driving

  • Evaluate your driving ability 

  • Understand mind & body changes 

  • Maintain Mobility & Independence 

  • Driver Improvement courses for seniors 

  • Driving when you had a stroke 

  1. Getting Ready to Drive

  2. Focus and Distraction 

  3. Residential and City Roads 

  4. Highway Driving 

  5. Special Driving  Situations 

American Family

  • Safe Driver Discounts Program for Teens

  • What is the cost of the Teen Safe Driving Program 

  • Teen Safe Driver Program FAQ's

  • How to jumpstart a car

  • Guide to buying winter tires 

  • Motocycle Mindset

  • State Life Insurance Fund

  • Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program (WFCAP)

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