E-Newsletter April 2020

"Spring has Sprung"... Home Maintenance Must Be Done!

Maintenance Tips:

  • Have septic tanks pumped (at a minimum every 12 months)

  • Clean or change furnace filters ( 1-3 months as recommended by manufacturers)

  • Clean or Change furnace humidifier/wick. ( some humidifiers require monthly cleaning, others require yearly cleaning.)

  • Inspect foundation walls for any sign of cracking. Check basement and crawlspace for any cracks or signs of dampness or water infiltration.

  • Replace 9-volt battery in smoke detectors

  • Have central air conditioning serviced by a Property licensed technician prior to operation or soon after warm weather returns.

  • Continue to remove snow/from driveway/sidewalk/steps/porches if necessary.

  • Remove storm windows/doors, clean, and store.

  • Clean yard.

  • Turn on water supply for outdoor faucets. (turn off again if freezing weather is expected). 

  • Fertilize yard (Weed and Feed)

  • Arrange lawn maintenance (mowing, trimming pruning of trees/bushes, weeding, etc.)

  • Set a schedule and water lawn to neighborhood standards.

  • Repair and reseed damaged areas of lawn.

  • Clean oil and other automotive fluids from driveway.

  • Clean out gutters and downspouts. 

  • Clean dryer venting.

  • Clean bathroom vents fans.

  • Lubricate sliding door and window tracks or rollers as needed.

  • Lubricate door hinges and garage door opener tracks and rollers.

  • Have carpets professionally cleaned. 

  • Repair window screens. 

The Anatomy of a Typical Home & Auto Insurance Claim Process

 The Process:

  1. Report Claim:

    •  You can submit your claim online, directly to your agent, claim service, call directly, or email.

  2. Assignment:

    • The insurance company assigns a claims professional to your claim, and the claims professional helps you navigate the procedures.

  3. Initial Contact:

    • The claims professional gets in touch to find out about your loss to discuss your insurance coverages and details how the company plans to handle your claim. 

  4. Evaluation:

    • The claims professional investigates your claim, collecting facts, inspecting and estimating the damages and consulting witnesses if needed. 

  5. Resolution:​​

    • For simpler claims you may receive payment for the amount estimated repairs after first inspection. However more complicated claims, payments may take longer.

  6. Close Claim:

    • The claim is resolved and closed by the insurance company. 

Teen Driving Programs

  • ADEPT Driver

  • Young Drivers Program (West Bend Insurance)

  • Drivesafe (Esurance)

  • Teen Safety Rewards (Safeco)

  • Teen Safe Driver Program (AmFam)

  • Steer Clear Safe Diver         (State farm)

  • AAA Teen Driver 

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